Have Fun Gawking Online!

This is such a wonderful time of year for checking out of all of the beautiful new items online. Between the autumn decor and vendors starting to roll out their holiday gifts, there are so many things to  gawk at. Enjoy!


About This Blog

Half the fun of shopping online is just randomly looking for all of the goodies a girl didn't even know existed without spending a shameful amount of time searching. The standard routine involves scrolling through a lot of items that suck, and then trying to remember where you saw something an hour ago that you suddenly decide you can't live without. I do it too and wanted a better way to track the treasures I find even if it's only to gawk at them (and let's face it, unless your budget is no object, it's about 99% gawking and 1% shopping).

This blog is my virtual closet and lists my regular online shopping discoveries with fast links to the sites to get a closer look or place orders for any must-haves you see. I've got a heavy slant on Etsy items since you can't beat some of the creative ideas that come from Etsy fashion artists, and Etsy can be particularly challenging to search. I've sorted through the best and worst items to pull out the best of the best and to dig up those little gems that never seem to pop up to the front in any searches.

Seriously...somebody has to do it...
You are formally invited to peruse my Gawking Pages and gawk all of the wonderful items in my virtual closet!

The Gawkaholic